Investor Relations

Straits Trading's IR Policy Statement

This Investor Relations Policy is a definitive set of principles and practices that governs the interaction between the Company and our various stakeholders. The Board of Directors of the Company has reviewed and approved this policy, which is binding on all Straits Trading subsidiaries and business units. This policy is regularly reviewed by the senior management and the Board. Updates and amendments are made, when appropriate, to reflect current best practices in investor relations.

Underpinning our communications approach is a commitment to transparency with the objective of building a long-term relationship centred on trust and confidence.

  1. Disclosures

    1.1 The Company is committed to timely and accurate disclosures in accordance with the listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited ("SGX-ST"), the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2012 and current best practices where applicable.
    1.2 All disclosures are made on a consistent basis, and do not preclude any negative developments of the Company.
    1.3 Such disclosures include, but are not limited to, financial results, notice of meetings, annual reports and/or other material developments.
    1.4 All disclosures made to the SGX-ST via SGXNET is made available on the Company's corporate website.

  2. Engagement with shareholders and investors

    2.1 The Company strives to engage shareholders regularly to provide corporate updates, address shareholders' concerns and solicit feedback.
    2.2 The Company is committed to upholding the rights of all shareholders. To that end, the Company will facilitate the ability of all shareholders to participate meaningfully in and vote at the annual general meetings. Shareholders will be given sufficient notice of the meetings, and resolutions will be clearly defined in the circular for shareholders' consideration.
    2.3 The Company regularly engages with analysts, brokerages, investment banks and the media to help them formulate informed opinions of the Company but will not seek to influence those opinions. This engagement will take the form of analysts and media briefings, investor roadshows or Investors Day briefings.
    2.4 The Company observes a blackout period of two weeks prior to the release of its quarterly results, and one month prior to the announcement of the full-year results.
    2.5 The Company does not comment on market speculation or engage in activities that may lead to unusual share price movement or fluctuations in share trading volumes.